Bullfighting Gone Wrong: Julio Aparicio



I’ll never understand the attraction of professional bullfighting. Though bullfighting is not a mainstream sport in the states, there are millions of bullfighting fans around the world who follow the sport religiously. Most fans watch bullfighting in macabre anticipation of seeing a gruesome accident similar to what happened to this bullfighter.

Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio had the unfortunate luck of stumbling during his match with a bull at the arena of Las Ventas in Madrid on Friday (May 21).


Like a shark smelling blood in the water, the bull didn’t hesitate to take advantage of Aparicio’s misstep by charging and goring him with a horn right up and through Aparicio’s chin and out his mouth. For a few horrific seconds, Aparicio was impaled on the tip of the bull’s horn and dragged for several yards before help finally arrived. Luckily, the horn didn’t sever a major artery, or Aparicio probably wouldn’t have survived his ambulance trip to a nearby hospital where he was treated for internal injuries to his chin, jaw and mouth. Damn.

WARNING: If you’ve already eaten and you don’t want to lose your breakfast all over your keyboard, DO NOT watch the video of the goring after the break. You have been warned!

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  1. ok first of all who and the hek wud try to fight a bull ne way..the sport is absolutely stupid and cruel to bulls who clearly got pissed off cause f sum1 trying to kill it…wen u mess with a bull…u get the horns 🙂

  2. This man will be back n the ring next week…and he’s gonna continue 2 fight Bulls until 1 of those horns go straight up his azz and he can’t walk anymore.

  3. ohhh my goodness i feel so sorry for him wooow i would never ever be a bull fighter because i would think what happened to Julio would happen to me , bulls scare meeee!! gosh that must off hurt i wish u all the best Julio, but if i were u i would not get back in the ring, not to discourage you or anything you do what u wanna do but i would leave bulls alone if i were you !!!

  4. Knowing that this motherfucker survided to tell his story is undoubtely the worse part of this. No happy end here and that’s what upsets me the most.


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