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Calvin Klein Makes Justin Bieber a Photoshopped Hunk

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein

It seems that Justin Bieber and Calvin Klein have some serious explaining to do! Bieber is not as “well endowed” as he portrayed in the latest Calvin Klein ad. Recent unedited pics have surfaced of the bad boy and apparently, CK did some serious editing!

Check out the details below!

Justin Bieber had everyone FOOLED! He & Calvin Klein actually had fans believing that Bieber was a bulky hunk. Now, unedited photos have leaked of Bieber’s CK ad. Bieber and CK have yet to speak out.

Unedited Bieber:
FullSizeRender (91)

Muscles, his hands, and bulge had a major enhancement! What are your thoughts on his photoshopped body? Comment below!

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