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It’s enough sun to shine on everyone…. What’s meant for you is meant for you! Helping someone else never takes away from what’s meant for you to have. Oftentimes, people don’t share what they know with others because they feel that it may put them at a disadvantage. Thinking that a person you help may “do better” than you, or may become your competition is just misguided. Collectively, we must work to change this mindset and help each other!

Sharing what you know, who you know, and what you have learned in life can really help others reach their full potential. Why not help someone achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations? There is absolutely no threat in helping other people and especially those trying to do what you have done! Keep in mind, there is more than enough “sunshine” for everyone’s efforts. And more than enough “rays” for success to go around. Having the mentality to hoard what could potentially help someone is nothing but selfishness.

Help someone that’s striving to make his or her way. HELL…show them the way! ~Doc Mel

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IMG_0060Doc Mel is a Relationship & Lifestyle “Encourager” & “Inner-Spirit” Life Coach! Author of a new provocative “pocket-sized book” for African-American women entitled “KISSKeep ISimple Sistah” that’s now available online at Amazon Books. She outlines “Seven Principles” women can adopt as they relate to each other, children, and men. It’s REAL, RAW, & UNCUT!



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