Cardi B is trademarking ‘Bocktails’


“Bocktail$” is Cardi’s own creative play on the word Cocktails. Reports from TMZ say she plans to go public with the name.

Cardi B wanta to hit television with her brand. Maybe she missea TV, we dont see how! You cant watch a couple hours of television without sewing her face or hearing her name. “Oh you Rich Rich” and “Poppin Poppin.”

The musician has an ambitious goal to turn ‘Bocktails” into a show and also have a liquor with the trademark as well. Naturally, clothing and other advertsing products would follow. We are super excited to see Cardi make organized entrepreneurial moves. The only thing better then being a high-paid star is being a high-paid star flipping money. Others can only dream to live like that! Were staying tuned to see what happens with Cardi.


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