Cardi B Says She Didn’t Share Transphobic Meme On Facebook


Cardi B has provided an explanation for a transphobic meme showing up on her Facebook page.

Following criticism on social media, Cardi took to Twitter to claim she doesn’t have control of her Facebook account. According to her, a former member of her team has been responsible for all posts on her official page for more than a year now.

“It’s come to my attention that there have been offensive posts made on what used to be my Facebook page,” she wrote. “For the past year and a half a FORMER team member has been the only one with access to the account.”

The controversial post has since been deleted, but screenshots of it have been saved and shared on social media. Some Twitter users have been skeptical of her explanation.

Cardi has been accused of being transphobic in the past. Last year, a video of her using the word “tranny” sparked controversy. She responded to the accusations by saying she didn’t know the word was offensive prior to the outrage.

“I keep getting called ‘transphobic’ because like two years ago, I used the word ‘tranny,’” she remarked in a livestream. “I didn’t know that was a word that you cannot use, especially because my trans friends use it. And as [I was] growing up, my parents never told me that that was a bad word. You know, there’s bad words that your parents teach you that you’re not supposed to say. Nobody taught us that. Nobody taught us that in our school.”


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