Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty of Murdering Daughter + Nancy Grace Speaks Out


Wow was all I could say after finding out that Casey Anthony was found not guilty for killing her 2-year-old daughter. This has to have been the biggest court case since the Jonbenet Ramsey trial to captivated the nation as it played out on national television from the moment the toddler was reported missing three years ago.

Anthony, 25, wept as the judge read the verdict, which jurors reached after less than 11 hours of deliberation over two days. She was charged with first-degree murder, which could have brought the death penalty if she had been convicted.

Instead, she was convicted of only four counts of lying to investigators looking into the June 2008 disappearance of her daughter Caylee. Her body was found in the woods six months later and a medical examiner was never able to determine how she died.

She will be sentenced by the judge on Thursday and could receive up to a year in jail for each lying count.

Anthony’s attorneys claimed that the toddler drowned accidentally in the family swimming pool, and that her seemingly carefree mother in fact was hiding emotional distress caused by sexual abuse from her father… Hummm? please tell me what yall thin?


  1. Their not telling the truth, Only God, knows what really happen, and need i say more. I have no words for the daddy well accept one. You dirty bastard!!!
    well maybe three.

  2. I didn’t watch the trial, so I can’t pass judgement on this lady. if the jury said she didn’t do it. and they was there for six weeks listening. then she didn’t do it

  3. There really was no evidence that she killed the little girl…only speculation. A jury cannot convict on speculation alone…

  4. I actually watched the trial and there was a great deal of evidence pointing against Casey. Casey hid her daughter, Caylee, for 30 days before reporting that something had gone wrong. Casey lied to her parents, numerous times, stating that Caylee was “asleep” or she was busy “playing”, and she couldn’t come to visit. Then she also lied to her parents and said that she just needed “some time alone”, however, she was hanging out with her boyfriend and their friends, drinking and clubbing. For a whole month and her daughter is dead by now?? Cmon now! That’s crazy! I believe that the Defense team had a lot of evidence that helped her, but the Prosecutor had more evidence to convict her. Somehow, I believe, “money talks, bullshit walks”. She may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over!


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