Cassie Designs Streetwear Collection For ‘Young & Restless’



CASSIE is on it! She has a new title and checks rolling in left and right!

It’s been nearly a year since her successful RockaByeBaby mixtape dropped, and now Cassie is adding a new label by her name. Yep, now she has become a designer; her list of accomplishments just keep growing. The model/singer has recently linked up with L.A. streetwear brand Young & Reckless to launch a special “EN-*WHY2EL-*AYE” (NY to L.A.) collection, which features all original graphics that incorporate hand drawn art created by Cassie herself.

Cassie 3

The classic new black, white, and gold collaboration is all about Cassie and her bi-coastal love, with a look that’s a little ‘sexy’ meets ‘hood rich’.

Now the collection goes on sale January 25, so you have a couple of days to get it together and check her out. You will be able to find some hot stuff like black embroidered letterman jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

Cassie 2

Who knew that this beauty had a designer drive for coastal fashion flair. Let us know what you think about this model/singer and now DESIGNER growth and style below.



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