Chad Johnson New Lambo?!


Chad Ochocinco Johnson is not cutting any expenses as he shows off his recently purchased brand new Lambo as a new toy to add to his collection….

Now in the real world when you lose your job and wife, the first thing you wouldn’t think of doing is buying a really expensive car.  Unfortunately or rather fortunately Chad Johnson does not live in the real world.  After a difficult divorce to ex wife Evelyn Lozada due to a domestic violence charge and further more losing his NFL contract Chad Johnson recently purchased a $376,000  Lamborghini Aventador, completely dispelling all the rumors that he is ‘broke’.

As per

On his Instagram account, he posted the picture and captioned: “Loving my new toy.”

With already a black Lamborghini (above) he is really balling out.  Maybe he bought the white Lambo to make him feel better after all the things he’s been going through or maybe there is a team signing in the works and Chad knows something that we don’t.  Only time and IRS will tell soon…..


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