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Chances… Choices… Changes!


There are Three C’s in Life! And all of these C’s play a significant role in our overall well-being…

Chances occur beyond our control. Some people may argue that our chances in life can be based on “Favor” and according to TD Jakes…“Favor Ain’t Fair!” The chances that each of us encounter in our lives are unique. Everyone has different chances in life that are meant only for him or her. Some people receive greater chances or more opportunities than others. Why is this the case? Not sure! Just know that this appears to be true.

With that being said, having greater opportunities in life can also be related to something we can control…our choices. Believe it or not, we each possess an instinct to seek knowledge and wisdom. Bad choices are not an indication of failure, but allow for us to gain higher levels of understanding to challenge our personal growth. Keep in mind that the choices we make can open or close doors on a multitude of levels. Some doors we pass through and others we pass by, but understand your destiny is directly related to the portals you choose. Choose to think and act in ways that will increase positive chances in life…to do so is wise!

Lastly, know that the most critical C is changes. Always conduct self-assessments and if you feel that you’re not satisfied with your life then be willing to…make the necessary changes! ~Doc Mel

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IMG_0060Doc Mel is a Relationship & Lifestyle “Encourager” & “Inner-Spirit” Life Coach! Author of a new provocative “pocket-sized book” for African-American women entitled “KISSKeep It Simple Sistah” that’s now available online at Amazon Books… She outlines “Seven Principles” women can adopt as they relate to each other, children, and men. It’s REAL, RAW, & UNCUT!


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