Charlamagne Tha God’s Response to Mister Cee’s Plea


Ok so my boy Charlamagne tha God at Power 105.1 was one of the 1st one’s to go in on Mister Cee when news broke of him soliciting little boys for sex. After Charlamagne debuted the story in his Donkey Report, DJ Funkmaster Flex attacked not only him but his fellow co-host Angela Yee and DJ Envy.

Now that Mister Cee has come out and plead guilty it had everyone wondering what Charlamagne would say next. Well he sat down and spoke with Gyant from BET and had this to say:

“We live in an era where people are numb to everything. This is the same society that didn’t care R. Kelly urinated on an underage girl. We are numb to everything in this society. Like seriously is being gay in 2011 a big deal? Nobody really cares.”

“It’s not like he committed a crime, he just likes young boys. As a deejay Mister Cee could never lose credibility, he’s incredible on the turntables. As a man, people might look at him like a liar or somebody who’s been living a lie for a long time, but at the end of the day he’s a great deejay and that’s what he’s known for and that’s what I think people care about. I don’t think people care about his personal life enough for him to lose credibility.”

When asked if he was still beefing with Funkmaster Flex he said:

“It’s not a war. Flex defended his territory, I defended mine. Simple as that.”

I feel him you like what you like just be comfortable with what you like!


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