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Charlie Sheen Kissing Jimmy Kimmel Causes Man Points Gun At Girlfriend


Tueday night Charlie Sheen was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel show, to discuss everything that has transpired in his life over the past months and the new found fame of selling out concerts just rambling on about pretty much “nothing”. Whatever he is doing the people are buying into him.

At the same exact time the show was featuring, somewhere in a Georgia home, a young lady happened to be channel surfing late night trying to find something to watch when she stumbled on The Jimmy Kimmel Show around the exact moment that Charlie Sheen planted a huge kiss on Jimmy’s lips. The young lady’s boyfriend  David O’Hara walked in on that scene and immediately became enraged. Conceiving the notions that his girlfriend was condoning homosexuality.


He begins yelling at his girlfriend and initiates threats. After an escalated argument O’hara goes to reach for his gun points it at her head making more threats and demeaning her for her actions. They have a 14 year old daughter together and she also fell a victim to O’hara’s gun threatening escapade. It is very apparent that David O’hara is a homophobe, but that doesn’t give you the right or reason to resort to fatal violence because a man kisses another man as a prank. Had David O’hara knew the details before blowing up he wouldn’t have to sit in the  Quitman County jail to reflect on his attempted murder actions.

Sheriff Newton says David O’hara is being charged with aggravated assault for not only threatening his girlfriend but several innocent victims that were at the house that evening. When O’hara got word that the authorities were notified he left but was later picked up by the officials where they found a small hand gun in his possession. O’Hara remains in jail without bond.

Yeah that punishment sound suitable he should sit without the option of parol.  On a side note, I wonder if Charlie of the mayhem that was matriculated from his foolish actions..LOL

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