Chelsea Lately Ask Nicki Minaj About Fake Butt



Nicki Minaj was recently on the “Chelsea Lately” show to promote her new album “Pink Friday”. Yall know Chelsea don’t mine asking the questions no one else will ask grilling Nicki as soon as she sat down about her fake A$S. Check out some excerpts and the video below:

Spotted @ Necolebitchie

Nicki Minaj On Double Standards

The way I interact with my fans, it’s like “Oooo lil’ Barb” I’m really cutesy with them because that’s how they make me feel and that’s genuinely how I feel about them. I think people expect me to be like that in business and I can’t be that as a business woman because no one would respect me. So as a business woman you have to have a staff and you pay people the same way and we deserve to have respect. But when you’re assertive as a girl, you get called a bitch but a boy gets called a boss. It’s a double standard and I don’t like it.

How do you handle being a boss in a relationship?

It’s very hard when you’re in a relationship because your natural instinct is to be bossy but you really can’t be like that with your boyfriend all the time. I’m the total opposite in a relationship. I like for the boy to take control when we are [pause]. It’s so different in real life but when you’re with a boy, I want to feel like you can be a boss if you wanted to be but you just let me be the boss in real life… in public.

How would you handle it if you hooked up with someone that’s a boss too?

It’s weird…him being a boss would turn me on but at the end of the day when it was time to really make it long term it would be too many egos clashing.


  1. she didnt…did I miss something? At what point did she ask if her ass was fake? She said “what’s up with your ass?” Then dropped it. Weak

  2. If u noticed… she asked her how long did she have it? Um hello!! What more of a confirmation do y’all need? Her ass is very fake she could barely walk straight

  3. Is there any sugar in the bottle? Not bad.Allow me.That is my idea about friendship.You really look sharp today.Are you mind if I take tomorrow off?And now medical care helps to keep people alive longer.She was totally exhausted.My parents want me to go abroad.Would you tell me your phone number?

  4. I’m not a complete fan of Nikki, but I respect what she is trying to do and stuff. I don’t know why everyone is so into her butt?! Whether its home grown or has a receipt, either way its hers. I love for a man to take charge in certain situations, but I can’t stand it if he has to be in charge ALL THE TIME!


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