Chicago Woman Leaves Baby In Snow To Die!!! WTF



Just when you think you have seen it all when it comes to derainged mothers and the killings of their offspring. Today a lady from the Windy streets of Chicago was seen blatenly throwing her 18 day old daughter bashfully against the snow and left for dead. By the grace of God, a civilian by the name of Eddie who remains to stay anonymous witness the entire crime and instantly came to the rescue of the precious infant. The baby suffered minor injuries and is being kept in the hospital for further observation. The mother was aressted and is being detained in a local county jail up on serious crimminal charges. When investigators asked why she did such a thing? she relpied, ” I didn’t have any milk for her!” WTF?

So is that the answer to your problems now, ending an innocent life when the tough gets going?
Talk to me people, What is the world coming to!!!

Checkout the news report more in-depth:


  1. I just wanted to say this did NOT happen in the video again…don’t give chicago more of aa bad rap then it already has come on This isn’t MTO get the fact straight!

  2. Right!
    And edit this dam site!
    You would think this muthaphuka was being ran by my 5 yr old nephew!


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