Chief Keef Accuses Security Guard of Racism



Chief Keef is screaming “RACISM” after being arrested for smoking marijuana.

Cheif Keef the 17-year old hip-hop star tells that last week the security guard at an Atlanta hotel originally knocked on his hotel room door to ask about a water leak. Chief Keef says the guard immediately gave him a “racist look” and threatened to call authorities.


The rapper says he had a feeling the guard was “racist from the moment he walked in the room” because of the way the man looked at him. The security guard did end up calling authorities and Chief Keef was eventually taken into custody for allegedly smoking marijuana.


The security guard contacted TMZ and gave his side of the story. The security guard wants Chief Keef and the public to know that he is not a racist but a man doing his job. According to the security guard he HAD TO CALL THE POLICE or he would have gotten in trouble.

Take a listen below:

Chief Keef has had a number of run-ins with the law, including a gun conviction.

What do you think about Chief Keef’s racisim accusations?

Do you think the security guard is racist?

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Pictures via: Instagram.

Source: TMZ.



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