Chief Keef Has Alleged Baby Mama Drama With Middle School Girl Sued For Child Support



Chief Keef who is 17 year old rapper is already part of the baby mama drama. He allegedly has a child with a middle schooler who is filing for child support. 


TMZ reports that the middle school girl has filed for child support in Chicago. She claims Chief Keef or government name Keith Cozart is the father of her baby. She had the baby back in 2011.  The ago of the girl is not clear but she does attend middle school in Chicago. Keef was apparently 15 at the time and the girl could have been in 6th grade. In the state of Illinois it is considered a misdemeanor for two people under 17 to have sex even in an consensual relationship.


In Illinois, if both people are between 9 and 17 years old the older person is considered a ‘criminal sexual abuse.’ This could include a maximum 1 year jail sentence and to be registered as a sex offender for 10 years. This most likely only happens if the parents of one party press charges.  The girl is suing Keef for an undisclosed amount of money which includes all her expenses.


  1. Oh my she finna get paid if she can prove in the dna that cheif actually fathered her child…. knowing the girl she might drop out of school because dude just sign on to some major deals and promoting so right now his money is long. IF she pick the right attorney and team she on like a pot of neck bones. LOL this is crazy … Futhermore, I dont understand why she is so young dude know he could have done a little better than what he did and know it have cause him a life of 18 years of child support …. MOreover, I fell he do best just wifing her up.

  2. I noticed they say the girl is in ‘middle school’ but they do not give her exact age. Also Keef was only 15 when he was intimate with this girl. I personally don’t think it was taking advantage or anything like that. They both wanted to be together. If you watch his behind the scenes and pics you will see the girl. Ive seen one pic which showed them both smiling in happy bliss and the other was a youtube video of him getting a haircut and they were having a disagreement. My point being it was CONSENSUAL The phrase ‘middle schooler’ makes it sound like something horrific. But of course papers wont catchy headlines. Anyway, he is going to have to pay her, as he should. He is the father and he talks about the little git all the time, her name is “Kay Kay.” He also has shared several photos of the baby. “Baby mama is about to get paid.”

  3. Tht little girl is bout to get paid! Did she sign for child support after he got big and famous? I probly honestly would’ve

  4. man dis nigga is crazy she shouldnt be givin this girl s* because he became this big time artists she didnt wont not a d* nathang fromm so be stop frotin you swoly your on babay daddy girl plz get a fuckin life the man take ok his baby in you you trippin..

  5. Keep in mind this is a 17 yr old. He has Three baby mothers. A middle schooler and two grown ass women… Why don’t his mom get the two women locked up for molesting her underage son?!! Plus these women have the nerve to sue him for child support !!! What is the world turning to? He has problems with the law, he’s always photoed with weed and guns… He will destroy his life completely if he don’t change ASAP. I feel bad for him… I wish him the best.


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