Chief Keef Instagram AK-47 Photos and Links Himself to Chicago Shooting!



The little homie Chief Keef instagramed a photo of himself holding an AK-47 and implying that something is getting ready to happen. You can guess it a victim is sitting in ICU and we are all shaking our heads wondering WHY would you instagram a crime before it happens. When Instagram GOES WRONG!

Check out the gory details below.

Chief Keef seems to be involved in a shooting that happened early Wednesday Morning. TMZ contacted Chief Keef’s attorney and he says that the little homie was not the shooter but he ws present when the victim got shot. That is a crazy!

The Northfield PD says the shooting victim is in ICU.

Chicago is known for being a violent city so this is not the norm the problem is Chief Keef posted a series of photos on Instagram that seems to implicate him in a crime. The picture is the homie holding a gun with a friend, which includes an AK-47. The photos appears to serve as a warning. Keef wrote the captions, “Another situation. Already.”

Really should not have instagramed that little homie. SHAKES OUR HEADS IN DISMAY!

Story spotted on TMZ.



  1. Why are y’all surprised? Dude is an idiot and a walking life sentence he better hope the person in ICU doesn’t die! This brother has no brain at all I don’t know if it’s from all the weed smoke or he’s just stupid! You would think he might learn from others idiotic mistakes. Well I guess there will be free The chief of being an idiot t-shirts soon. The sad thing is a whole generation thinks this brainless numb nut is someone they should look up to and follow. As he leads them straight to the prison plantation! SMH!

  2. This ugly dumb little boy! and to think kids look up to him! I don’t understand these artist that make all this money and still want to hold on to that thug sh#t. He anything! and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Anything!


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