Chief Keef Not Paying Child Support and Accused of being a Dead Beat Dad



The homie Chief Keef is in the news again; he has failed to pay child support. According to Chief Keef’s baby mama he’s a DEADBEAT that has not paid any child support but he walks around with stacks of cash in his pockets.

Say it aint so!

Chief Keef became a father at the tender age of 15 with a girlfriend from middle school. The court system has ordered that Chief Keef should pay $2,600 a month in child support plus $500.00 a month for daycare. $3,100.00 is chump change considering he’s reportedly bringing in $13,000 a month.


You would think this would be easy. WRONG! The mother has recently filed legal documents, claiming Chief Keef hasn’t been paying his child support bills.

The mother says Chief Keef was supposed to start paying up in May, but so far he’s only paid $1,900 … meaning he’s already way behind. How are you not taking care of your child? He carries thousands of dollars in his pocket on the regular. When he was arrested at LAX it was reported he had $8,000 in his pockets.

The mother is a teenager and she claims she can’t afford to support herself without money and he needs to step up!

A judge has since ordered the rapper to appear in court in September to explain why he hasn’t paid. If he doesn’t show up, an arrest warrant could be issued.

Very interesting.

Who will mentor Chief Keef?

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Source via: TMZ.

Photos via: Instagram.


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