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Chili Goes Off On Jill Scott For Considering An Open Relationship

Jill Scott has always been very vocal about her sex life (she even told us that she’s been dickmatized) and she’s at it again!

As you can see, Jill tweeted about considering an open relationship. She did it make it known that she knows what she wants and deserve though so don’t get it twisted. She just realizes that a lot of marriages fell. She retweeted a ton of people’s replies back to her about the situation. However, things got interesting when Chili tweeted Jill her opinion on the question at hand:

Dang! It’s obvious that Chili isn’t down for ANY type of open relationship. I bet she chewed Jill out on the phone! Perhaps, she just trying to have Jill’s back. She said in her tweet, ” talk about a horrible situation”. I wonder if she’s had any experience in this. I’m glad she’s looking out for Jill. What do you think of Jill’s consideration of having an open relationship? What do you think of open relationships?

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