Chingy Speaks Out About His Rumored Transexual Lover

9-15-2010 10-20-03 AM

The internet has been going crazy for a while now that rapper Chingy may have had sex with a transexual model ya thats right A Tranny. Chingy Has now come out saying the rumors are false.
Star claims she had sex with Chingy two years ago after a show. Star says she was invited to a hotel room, she revealed her gender change, and Chingy said, “Nah, I still want that. I still want that.” WOW I am lost for words… This is what Chingy had to say:

“That’s some straight bull–.” I had a show like two years ago. I had a show with Ludacris [in] Chicago. There were some dancers on the stage and these dancers were on the stage through everybody’s show. The person [Star] asked me to take a picture and I took a picture. The boy, whatever it is, asked me to take a picture. I’m not up there checking to see if it’s [a boy or girl]. It looked like a woman. I’m not looking to see no neck check and all that. I’m taking a picture with a fan.”

“I’m not homophobic, I don’t know what this person is.” “If you a fan of Chingy, I’mma take a picture with you – You got this person that took pictures with not just me but with a few other celebrities. But for some reason, they want to single me out and make it out like I’m messing with this person, sleeping with this person.”

This isn’t the first time Chingy has been accused of having relations with transsexuals. Last year, transsexual rapper Foxxjazzel said she got it in with the rapper. This is crazy yall need to leave that man alone…

To each his own. I mean, if you love chopping down trannys, then you aint gotta lie to kick it Chingy. TheYBF is reporting, what yall think did he do it?

UPDATE: Sidney Star plans to call into WGCI in Chicago this afternoon to put Chingy on blast. We will keep you posted about what happens and what is said.

Here are some more pictures of Tranny that also say they slept wit him…

15 responses to “Chingy Speaks Out About His Rumored Transexual Lover”

  1. La la says:

    LOL!!!! ugh… why is too funny to me,

  2. QueenB says:

    ya he fucked ha!!! da heffa looks like a woman so men are goin crazy ova ha, its not a big deal chingy just need to go ahead and admit that he did it..

  3. POP says:

    I love Chingy but at the end of the day he’s gay

  4. TIm says:

    So he likes women who use to be men… to each their own…

  5. LOVE says:

    Chingy is not even relevent.

  6. Freezy says:

    he clapped them cheeks! i mean the dude been accused of that, MULTIPLE times. he obviously have done it before man

  7. kissezzz says:

    lol…this star PERSON needs to move on…if ching a ling hit o well, shit happens lmao

  8. meme says:

    Shit happens??? Wow!!! If he did hit it, why not come out the closet and admit that you are gay and like dick and balls? This is why black women are getting aids because all we can say for our supposedly straight men who sleep with other men is “shit happens”. Chingy needs to pick a team and stay the fuck on it.

  9. ANTIVIRUS says:

    i really don’t know what to say

  10. JAMES says:


  11. briestoooo bby. says:

    wowwwwwww. that onee wid da oranqee hair cnt fool nobdy!!! MAN other then that idkk.

  12. Deanndmere says:

    hahahahahaah@ MeME!! IKR!!! Just gone head and tell us Ching a Ling if you like Dick and Balls!!.. Can’t nobody fault you if you do hell..they good! But you do need to let us ladies know and just come on out the closet of you Gay babes. All this “Downlow” and I Didnt Know” shit aint gonna fly when a mofo come back positive for HIV. Your head will be on the chopping block!!

  13. Haute says:

    Sad, Not judging though. In the meantime keep up with fashion! Be Haute & Chic

  14. No Daddy Nooooooooo says:

    i thought it was a bitch too until i saw more pics, if this nigga came up on me id knock his ass out real talk…matta fact ima just start knockn bitches out ya know what im sayn.
    shoot 1st and ask questions last

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