Chris Brown Bodyguard Files Lawsuit Against Drake, Nightclub Over Brawl


chris-brown-big-pat-bodyguard-ifwtChris Brown’s bodyguard, Patrick Strickland, is going after Drake in the latest lawsuit stemming from the brawl between Drake and Brown’s entourages last July. According to court documents obtained by E! News, Strickland wants Drake and W.i.P. nightclub — where the incident occurred — to pay up for the “severe and disfiguring” injuries he suffered during the melee. Strickland points a finger at Drake for instigating the punch up. He claims things got heated when Drake supposedly had a waiter bring a message to Chris suggesting he had been intimate with Brown’s ex-girlfriend, R&B superstar Rihanna. The note reportedly inflamed tensions between the two parties and soon after members of both entourages allegedly came to blows. Earlier reports indicate that both parties tossed bottles across the nightclub at each other.


Strickland is also holding the club responsible for incident. He believes that the club’s staff should have known about the supposed bad blood between “Breezy” and “Drizzy” over Rihanna. He also accuses the club of serving too much alcohol to members of both parties.


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