Chris Brown Depress About Fight, Nightclub Loses Liquor License : Meek Mill Unwelcome In NYC Nightclubs


Chris Brown fills like he’s been hit by a car these past few weeks, and now more drama. There is even more fallout from the New York City nightclub brawl reportedly linked to members of Drake and Chris Brown‘s camps.


The “New York Daily News” says the New York State Liquor Authority has yanked W.i.P.’s liquor license and written up the club for several violations.


W.i.P.’s affiliated club, Greenhouse, is also facing violations.


The agency said in a press release that it would not tolerate “violent bars that break the law.”


Including the June 14th disturbance that resulted in several injuries at W.i.P., the State Liquor Authority cites ten separate assaults and altercations at both W.i.P. and Greenhouse in recent months.

NBA star Tony Parker, who was present at the most recent brawl, has filed a 20-million-dollars lawsuit against W.i.P. after suffering a cut in his left eye. While no arrests have been made in the incident, police are still investigating. Drake and Brown both deny any wrongdoing.

Page Six  reports Meek Mill is now unwelcome at some New York nightclubs after being caught up in the June 14 brawl at W.i.P. in SoHo between Chris Brown and Drake that left several club goers injured. The Philly-born rapper was partying with Drake’s camp at the hot spot when the fight broke out between entourages that sent liquor bottles flying. Early yesterday, Mill was turned away from Meatpacking District club Tenjune after rolling up at about 2 a.m. And he even eagerly posted word of his arrival at the swanky spot on Twitter. But the bouncers didn’t seem to share his zeal for getting inside.

Mill tweeted after he was denied by the doormen: “I don’t got no love for these clubs that discriminate against a certain race! [Bleep] you . . . u won’t get these racks!” (For our slang-impaired readers, “racks” means “money,” in thousands.) After Mill left, observers told us that police showed up at the venue because of an unrelated incident, but left within minutes. A Tenjune rep had no comment on the incident.

Sources tell Hollywood Life,

Chris is really sorry and feels bad for the people who were injured at the club when all that s**t went down and wishes he could apologise to everyone that was injured there, even homeboy Tony Parker.””He’s upset and feels bad for everyone but at the end of the day people need to remember that he was injured too and beyond that, he didn’t even instigate or start any of the bulls**t.”

Meantime, a boxing promoter is encouraging the rapper and the singer to hash out any alleged differences in the boxing ring. Damon Feldman is reportedly offering up a one-million-dollar purse to Drake and Brown to duke it out with oversize boxing gloves and headgear in three-minute rounds. Chris I think everything will work out…  What do yall think?…


  1. Well Well well look at what happened. Make the celebs wait in line… this will teach them a lesson. That’s all.


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