Chris Brown Is Almost Finished With His Probation Terms


Singer and Actor Chris Brown is almost finished with the terms of his probation. He was placed on probation in 2009 after he phycially assaulted his then girlfriend Rihanna in his car. The court is very pleased with Chris’ progress as he continues to complete his 180 court-ordered community service. Check inside for deets on Chris Brown’s Probation Report.

Chris has now officially completed 103 out of his 180  comminity service hours. He appeared in a  L.A court on Tuesday to check on the progress of his probation requirements. His attorney Mark Geragos was told by the judge that he needs to do a better job with checking in with his probation department on a regular basis.

Most terms probation forbid you from traveling outside of the country but because of his profession the court appointed Chris the premission to travel for a concert tour if need be. Although Chris may be close to finishing his community service hours, the singer will still be on probation for another 3 years according to his probation terms.

What do you think about Chris Brown’s progress?

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  1. Chris I’m proud of you because some people did want to see you doing good after the whole altercation but you proved them wrong keep going down that positive life


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