Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran “Emotional Roller Coaster” Reaches Fright-filled Love Heights


"The Brown Tran Love Rollercoaster"October just couldn’t pack enough fright-filled faces until Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown aboard a fun filled Love Roller Coaster at Universal Studios this week.

Thursday night, Chris Brown and Karrueche enjoyed a “howling hunnies” date night at Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Karrueche tweeted, “Hollywood Horror Nights was the best. I might have nightmares tonight.” And from the looks of it, she almost got scared out of her skin.

The Happy Couple

The two lovebirds have been a part of an epic emotional roller coaster ride over the past few years; but now that the couple have gotten rid of a few skeletons (Rihanna) in their closet, Karrueche and Chris can enjoy a spooky sweet treat of QT holding hands along this new thrilling ride.

By the way, it’s pretty comical that the couple rode “Revenge of the Mummy”. Karrueche wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the ride. Chris Brown later tweeted to his 13.1 million followers, “I had So much fun at Hollywood Horror Nights”.

The Lovely Karrueche Tran

Karrueche is on it, not only is she keeping her man grounded and happy, but she has also been on her grind with her modeling gigs for Her Import hair products and Crooks & Castles clothing line.

A little birdie also told us that they spotted Karrueche shopping at Trashy Lingerie – a favorite Halloween haunt spot for celebrities like Paris Hilton.


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