Chris Brown One Of Cuba’s Biggest Stars!


68th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Chris Brown Showcase

Chris Brown. You may love him or hate him but we now know that everyone watches him! With the band, lifted off for American’s to go into Cuba people are getting ready to travel all over Cuba. Chris Brown’s music has been blasting through the stereos touching the hearts of Cubans rapidly and his fan base showed him love when he came to perform!

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To get the record straight Chris Brown is a bonafide superstar in Cuba and his catalog which spans 11 years and seven albums he has been breaking barriers overseas. Havana, Cuba has been the first to make its presence known and they are proud of it!


Chris Brown no matter how much people say they don’t like him or what he does it seems as though he is continuously thriving. I am always #TeamBreezy and I always say that we are the most loyal fans for supporting Chris. He has been threw hell and back not that other people haven’t but it is always about what you choose to see in people.

Choose to focus on the best but never disregaurd what has occurred.

People are not their mistakes and that’s why I will forever be proud of the legacy Chris started!


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