Chris Brown Says “No More N***a Parties!”



So in the wake of an event he hosted which ended in a shoot out and 5 people injured Brown took to Instagram and posted a video of himself at a club with the caption “No more n***a parties! Only this type s**t!”. He quickly deleted it but not before BallerAlert captured it. Click MORE to see.

#chrisbrown says no more nigga parties #video #pressplay

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Seems to be a lot of outrage on the internet do to his verbiage. How do you guys feel about it? Did he take the wording a little too far?


  1. Now let the truth be known I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was thinking something similar to what he express in his frustration. Especially in this time of life where YOUNG BlACK PEOPLE are being lable as RUTHLESS!! Sure he has his downfall as We all do but give the man some slack he’s untitled to his own options when he feels it’s fitting to the situation. Black people have it hard enough as it is when you got knuckleheads like that drawing the wrong attention to the crowd of young people who came out to enjoy the concert. I can’t even count the many venues that were closed down in my city because of mostly us black people decided to show there butts and act a fool only to have it shut down completely to where there will never be another. So don’t I feel he was out of place for what he vented. HELL NO. You can only call like you see it.


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