Chris Brown To Drop Mixtape August 5th


Just a few hours ago, the artwork for Chris Brown’s new mixtape Boy In Detention debuted on Twitter.  Chris announced  that the new mixtape will be coming out August 5th. This should come as exciting news for all of his fans. It’s no surprise that a mixtape will be coming with all of the recent music that he’s been releasing lately. Along with the mixtape he also confirmed that his next album will be called Fortune.  Chris promised fans that it would be better than F.A.M.E. The mixtape looks very creative and has the same similar cartoonish theme as the cover for F.A.M.E. Notice that Chris is sporting the grill we saw him in at Kevin McCall’s birthday. Are you digging this mixtape cover? More importantly, are you excited for the mixtape to drop?


  1. Haha…this is too funny. Chris deserves to get called out on his mess. I just wanna shake him and say you’re a celebrity dude, deal with it!” But oh well…he’ll learn. PS- The whole idea behind turning that book into a movie seems dumb AF too.


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