Chris Tucker Ice Cube, & Entire Cast Will Return For “Friday 4”


Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are apparently getting ready to reunite on the big screen.

Actor Tiny Lister tells told the net that Chris recently flew him out on his jet to discuss doing a fourth film in the “Friday” franchise.

Tiny, who plays DeBo in the films, says Chris and Cube have a big meeting scheduled for next week, adding that the next “Friday” film is “gonna be the big one.”

Tiny goes on to state that Chris is also talking about doing a sequel to his 1997 film “The Fifth Element.”

Chris Tucker starred in the original “Friday,” which arrived in theaters back in 1995. He then left the franchise citing religious reasons.

The most recent installment, “Friday After Next,” was released back in 2002. Here’s is the movie for you to watch… What yall thinking?

Spotted @ TMZ


  1. Good to hear. I hope it’s good. Plus I’m sure Chris tucker needs the money after the tax issues came out a few months ago

  2. OH heeeell yeaa BOUT TIMEE . at first he wasnt gunna do another fridaay Moviee buut whoop cant wait til it hit the Moviess CAUSE ill bee in thaat bitchh Deeep af ahahahhaahahaha andd on top of that the whole cast from Friday oh hell yea . . . this is qunnaa bee qood

  3. I can’t wait for the next Friday cuz the Friday franchise is my favorite movies of all times…let’s see what cube have instored for us now my boy smokey returns this gonna be something to see

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Fridays.Watching Friday After Next right now
    Can’t wait to see Friday 4 know its gonna be funny as hell


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