Chris Tucker Says No To “Friday” Sequels


Chris Tucker breaks the news to all fans of the classic comedy “Friday” during an interview on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that he doesn’t see himself doing sequel.

Me and Cube, we’re talking about it — they’re working on a script, if it comes back … I don’t think it will be as special as the first one.

Chris also wanted to clear up past rumors of reasons as to why he didn’t want to do another “Friday” as per


“When they were doing the “Next Fridays” I was already doing “Money Talks” and I always wanted to keep going to the next level so I wouldn’t always be in that box.  So [it was] “Money Talks” with Charlie Sheen and then after that we did the “Rush Hours” and “Fifth Element” and “Dead Presidents” and that’s what happened.”



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