Christina Milian Shows Off Her New Baby Girl



According to our homie NecoleBitchie,

Happy mommy Christina Milian was spotted out in LA earlier this week with her 3 1/2 month old baby Violet.  Spectators claimed she was extremely happy and kissed Violet at least 30 times while they were there.

Meanwhile, her hubby The Dream tells People Magazine it’s much easier raising Violet than it was his other kids because his pockets are much fatter.

This time’s easier because I’m rich now . When I had my five-year-old, I was up all night and paying for milk with the last couple of cents I had, so it’s a little easier now.” As far as his wife Christina, The Dream says that she’s “very attached” and “doesn’t let anybody near that baby. Not even me sometimes!”

I find it odd that there are no pics of the Dream and Christina or the Dream and his kid since the baby has been born. They were spotted all over the place this time last year, but only they know what’s really going on. As long as he’s being a good daddy, that’s all that matters…

Homegirl is def still rocking that nice ring! Heeeey!


  1. Why doesn’t he ever talk about the twin boys they have, he always talks about Navy, Ok money was tight when Navy was born, did it continue after the twins was born, he skipped from Navy to Violet???

  2. i think the dream is a big losser personally..its pretty sad because for some odd reason i thought if crisitina was with him they were going to be happier and he was going to be there with her through everything but nope


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