Christina Milian Wanted Her Marriage To The-Dream To Work After He Cheated



Christina Milian is opening up about her failed marriage to R&B singer The-Dream. In a new interview with “Latina” magazine, the singer admits that she thought she could make their relationship work, even after photos surfaced of The-Dream getting close with his personal assistant. Milian states, quote,

“I didn’t know anything. But looking back, my gut was telling me something was off. But I thought I could fix it.” Milian says she ultimately learned her lot during her time as a married woman, including how much she “can handle” and how much she “can take.”

She adds, quote, “I learned who I am and what I will accept for myself and my daughter.”
Christina Milian and The-Dream tied the knot in September 2009. Milian gave birth to the couple’s only child — a daughter named Violet — in February of last year. It was eventually revealed that The-Dream filed for divorce just days before the birth of their child.


  1. @ Jazzy did you fuck her???? If you have never been married before then you will never understand where a married person is coming from. It is totally different from just dating someone expectations are so much higher. If you really love your husband/wife you would do anything to make it work even when you know you should let it go but your heart is telling you something different. I commend her for holding her head high and moving on to be better woman and a mother to her child. Her past don’t matter anymore its all about the road ahead.

  2. WOW! I love Christina like the next person but she should just let go! Working with DISH I have purchase my Google TV and I can look for Christina anywhere from my couch! And by looking at all that she’s been through she deserves better.


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