Ciara Served with Lawsuit While Performing on Stage at LA Pride!



Ciara had a surprise guest at her LA Pride performance last night; she was served with legal papers in the middle of her performance!

Check it out!

Last night was WILD a LA Pride. Ciara was served with legal papers right in the middle of her performance last night. Our home girl quickly tossed the papers back and continued to give a great performance. As we reported earlier this week Ciara is being sued by the Hit Factory, a very popular club in West Hollywood. The Hit Factory is suing Ciara for not showing up for a performance scheduled for Friday night.

Ciara’s management claims they informed the Hit Factory in advance that Ciara would not be in attendance. According to Ciara’s management they did their part and the Hit Factory continued to promote her appearance anyway.

The Hit Factory knew that Ciara would be performing at LA Pride on Saturday, so they sent their process-server right up to the stage to hand her the papers … which she quickly tossed back.

What do you think about the Hit Factory sending Ciara’s papers in the middle of the performance?

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Source: TMZ.


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