Come Get Your Daughter…


Come Get Your Daughter...44

I have to say, there comes a point when you need to stop drinking and go home. Clearly she reached that point. Hey all I do is take the pic’s. Don’t be mad at me… LOL


  1. I never thought being drunk was cute for ladies. Not saying it’s ok for me, but I hate hearing women say “I’m going to get fu*ked up tonight”. Like that’s suppose to turn us on. Smh at this.

  2. @Freddy —

    Now THIS is MY type of lady, yesssiiirrrrr!!!

    Drinks: cheap; condoms: cheap – a good-time to be had by all! Come the morning, she won’t remember a THING!

    Leave-it to Freddy; him and his damn camera – blow-up the spot! I swear Freddy, sometimes…..

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!


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