Come Get Your Daughter

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The homies over at Mediatakeout always push me to work harder to find crazy stories .. But I have to say this was one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen … Yall I got only two questions?… Why  she doing all of that for 40 dollars, and why in the hell would MARTA Let her on the train wearing that … {MARTA is Atlanta’s transit line}… Yall have got to watch the video ..

14 responses to “Come Get Your Daughter”

  1. Thesaurus says:

    This is my first time commenting on your site, but this post is degrading. It’s MLK Day I came here looking for speech or something. Please we must do better……

  2. Carlo Mayehm says:


  3. stuckintrafficnomore says:

    I lived in Atlanta for over 4 years before getting the heck up outta there. Here are a few things EVERY black person should know before thinking about moving there. Although there are many successful blacks living in the area, it is the most country ghetto place in America. Georgia is still one of the most racist places in America. The schools are for the most part horrible, you will either have to send your kid to private school or move into a white neighborhood. This video is exactly why I moved out of Atlanta. Amazing that many black Americans fought, died and suffered unimaginably and this is the best some of us can do.

  4. JScott says:

    To Thesaurus….are you friggin KIDDING me?? You came HERE looking for a “speech or something”. Not only that, but this post is freakin HILARIOUS….stupid is as stupid does!! My question is why do idiots like yourself got to sites where you know you’ll probably be offended, and leave stupid ass comments!! I don’t get it!!

  5. Looking says:

    How is it degrading and to who? Maybe she had a dream that she could get busck ass naked on public transportation. MLK made it possible for her to do that at the front, instead of the back.

  6. duffus says:

    you can take a nigger out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the nigger…….happy MLK day

  7. PL says:

    I agree that it’s a terribly racist place, but not on the part of Caucasians or Hispanics. The power center is firmly with the blacks and they try to keep you in your place if you try to succeed there. That is one of the many, many reasons that we had to leave. Don’t expect to get a job, be able to make friends or get a position with the city unless you are black.

  8. Blake says:

    There isn’t anybody checking people getting on the MARTA trains, it’s automated. As long as you pay your fare you can walk on in. Unless I suppose a MARTA police catches you, or someone is paying attention to a surveillance cam and sends a MARTA police after you. 🙂

  9. YALL R Dumbasses says:

    IM GLAD YOU LEFT ATLANTA IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO BE HERE!!!! You’ll sound like dumbasses… you haven’t seen any ghettos if you’re callin Atl GHETTo!!! (Plus they knocked down half the “ghettos” b4 u new comers, came to Atl… perry homes, eastlake meadows, capital homes, many many more!) I moved to atlanta in 1982 to Stone Mountian, Ga where the KKK was still running things. And I’ve seen my city grow, specially after the 96′ Games! Yes we have bad school… BUT its the parents sending their bad ass kids, NOT the state! ATLANTA HAS JOBS… BUT WON’T SHIT BE GIVEN TO YOU!!! I worked 3 jobs last year when I was in school. (1 full time 2 part time) so if I can find jobs why can’t your lazy ass. And half the ppl that live in atl, isn’t from here! 1 jackass on marta don’t make my city. JUST LIKE THE DUMB HOUSEWIVES DON’T REP. FOR MOST OF ATL ladies! ATL FOR LIVE BIOOOTCHes

  10. Lindsey Lou! says:

    I live in Midtown Atlanta and take the train on a regular basis. I don’t know what to see except there are always crazies on the train anywhere you go, this happens to be black so it’s like, totally, a big deal. Whatever…

  11. chad says:

    MARTA: Moving Africans Rapidly Thru Atlanta


    WELCOME TO NEW YORK!. Same shit different city! I agree with Lindsey Lou, No big deal, Whatever?

  13. FormerPeach87 says:

    Oh “Dumbasses”, your post is so hilarious. This really proves how great the Atlanta school system really works. Just for the record, however, I don’t think working at McDonald’s is what most people would refer to as a “job”.

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