Come Get Your Daughter


I really don’t know what people be thinking… But the worst thing is that she has friends that let her leave the house looking like this… LOL .. Shout out to MissJia for the pic

If someone is your friend don’t let them leave the house looking a mess.. Click here to see more pictures ..


I guess she just don’t care!!!

12 responses to “Come Get Your Daughter”

  1. atear says:

    thts a hot mess seriously. i wouldnt let my friend even think about putting that on.

  2. ITS ME says:


  3. helenayago says:

    You know…if you’re gonna wear something like this, at least have a body for it!

  4. pretty ladt says:

    this is so sad, these girls need gudiance

  5. CHARLES HATER says:


  6. Fly Ty 26 says:

    Ghetto hot mess.

  7. PrettyRed says:

    Aside from the outfits look at the cheap ass flats, and flops,SAD chicken head hood rat game proper, I weep for these youth,and the adults too I see a lot of 30 and older chicks dressin like this too,SMFH

  8. AnnKim24 says:

    That’s what you get when you don’t care how you look!!!

  9. Bookie says:

    Ashy ankles

  10. Helen Brown says:

    that bitch look like she stank she don’t look good at all LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is ghetto and stupid I would’nt let mine best friend come out the house like that. thats a dam shame and how old is this fast tramp wheres her parents that girl needs her ass kicked. you know kids dress like that cause the parents aint doing their jobs as parents. they let their kids go while and thas’s fucked up sad too. she could be mine daughter I’ll slap the hell out of her.THATS NASTY. thats how kids get rape cause shit like this thats terrible what a waste.

  11. Wendy B says:

    These poor babies need role models, seriously!!

  12. dat htown chick says:

    u know at first i was bout to go off, but i can’t these lil ho’s just don’t know any better. As a child you have to be taught right from wrong so when you grow up you will know better than to “WALK YO UGLY NASTY LOOKIN BLACK ASS OUT THE HOUSE LIKE THAT” Then again they could be from a well raised family and just chose hoeism.

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