Community Leaders Blame Nike & Michael Jordan for Rising Violence Over Jordan Shoe


Remember the recent violence across the states for the new Nike Jordan 11 Concord sneakers after it was released?  Now, community leaders are holding Nike and Michael Jordan responsible for the countrywide violence and asking them to make the shoes more affordable and accessible to consumers. Watch the video below:

Despite all the buzz, Michael has so far remained calm. MJ has not yet made a statement about this issue. However, to get realistic, I gotta say that it’s the people that are responsible. I mean, it’s just a bunch of shoes. You can’t just start shooting and stabbing people for goods…. Come on people!!!

This recent violence for the sneakers give us a clear indication that today’s people, especially youth, take ‘stuff’ more seriously than human lives. Although lowering the price of these might be helpful, it won’t be a permanent solution to the idea.

In a nutshell, it all comes down to us. If we control ourselves, none of this would  happened. What do you think?



  1. What? You can’t blame the shoe maker because their consumers are ignorant. All these people of color breaking down store doors for “shoes”. That is being sold way about face value. I hope these people break down Washington’s door to VOTE! Stand for injustice when its time to fight. It baffles me that “shoes” can cause this uproar when there are serious issues where few are willing to take stand.

  2. It would be so nice if Michael Jordon would make a more affordable sneaker. Each time his sneakers come out they are considered “Limited Edition” which causes a frenzy.

    My wish for all those people in 2012 – wake the “f” up and realize Mike will always be well off, while you are pepper spraying, pushing, fighting and getting arrested over sneaker maybe you should take your hard earn money and invest it in bettering your life like furthering your education, paying down debt, donate to a family in need or save it for a rainey day.

  3. WHY is Nike being blamed??? You don’t hear people asking Louis Vuitton or Michael Kors or Gucci or any of these other brands to decrease the price of their items.

    Our community leaders need to start placing the blame where it rests and that’s in the hands of the PEOPLE! It makes me SICK when I see black people acting like animals over shoes. It shows us in such a negative light. The MIND SET of our people needs to change, not the price of a sneaker.

  4. just increase the quantity to supply the demand. Make them as accessible as air force 1s and it wont be any trouble

  5. @quiana,
    you’re exactly right.

    folks, its michael jordan’s fault that your kids have no home training and will push, knock over, fight, and shoot for a pair of sneakers but can’t even bring home at least a C+??? really? i doubt it.

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