CONFIRMED: TI & Tiny Have Separated!


It’s with a sad heart that I CONFIRM that TI and Tiny have separated. Hip Hop’s first couple separating is very shocking news and we are all reeling from the dramatic details. Check it out below.

My good friends TI and Tiny are currently taking a break from their marriage. It’s with a very sad heart that I report this information. The couple have been through the highs and lows; after four years of marriage they are now dealing with a very real separation. The big homie TI went to INSTAGRAM to voice his thoughts and vent a bit.


It was reported that the couple decided to take a break on Saturday shortly before arriving in Los Angeles to attend the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The alleged explosive break up left TI too distraught to perform at The Grammy’s where he was nominated for three awards . This is serious because you know very little prevent TI from getting his hustle on.

There are tons of rumors circulating on the internet. I know what is going on but I refuse to betray my friends and air their personal affairs on the internet. All I would like to say is that I hope that these two are able to work through their issues. They are currently filming “TI and Tiny The Family Hustle”. They have committed to filming the reality show on VH1 for the next two years. I am unsure if this separation is going to halt the filming of the show.

I would just like to ask everybody to keep this family  in  prayer. Separation and Divorce are serious and there are children involved. Let’s hope that if they are truly parting ways that they are able to part amicably.

UPDATE: Although there are all kinds of rumors circulating around about TI and Tiny’s separation; Shekinah has instagrammed a message stating that all things are going to work themselves out and don’t believe the hype.


Do you think it’s officially over for TI & TINY?

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69 responses to “CONFIRMED: TI & Tiny Have Separated!”

  1. Edna says:

    hope not. think about who was in your corner when if was important and stuck by you. ain’t too many gon do that. think about it carefully.

  2. nahh says:

    Nahh they both grew up from the gutta knew each other since youngins, if it’s true they separated it’s just a break. There ain’t nothing them to can’t squash. There ain’t no infidelity no nothing just some stress that will get squashed.. but give them some space and let them breathe. They need media silence. This shit ain’t gon help

  3. Tina says:

    So sorry to hear this!!! We don’t know you two personally but as the wife, I thoroughly enjoyed the chemistry flow between you and all your beautiful children — Awesome team! Such a loving family who transparently invited viewers into their open home.

    Your dynamic union demonstrated the true essence of Family: unconditional love, support, structure and pure honesty.

    Statistically, Divorce/Separation never equal happiness. In fact, children of divorced/separated homes almost NEVER heal/recover. They are in Most cases devastated!!!

    Praying that this unfortunate mishap be squashed, resolved, forgiven and restored.

    With love,
    Orange County
    Preachers of LA
    Life Church, Jurupa, CA

  4. guest says:

    Hopefully whatever is going on the issues are resolved, they both need to remember we’re all “Flawed” non are “Perfect”….Please resolve your issues and “Go Somewhere And Sat Down” in my Madea Voice.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Only the two of them knows what they are up against. When you are on the outside looking in people often have a way to misconstrue facts. Sometimes it takes a break to appreciate what you have. We all have or have had difficulties in our relationships. Some were able to work things out, then you have others that let the streets dictate their fate. When two people share a strong bond and unconditional love they are willing to fight to get it right. Whatever TI and Tiny are up against we are mandated to keep them lifted in prayers. A marriage is a covenant that you take with God to honor each other and your vows til your last breath. I think these two can work it out. It’s a private matter and it should be respected. Be blessed TI & Tiny and my spouse and I will be praying for your marriage.

  6. fonkimonk says:

    Who gives a shit. Y r ppl focused on ppl that don’t even know u xist. Do u know that if they cared about ppl (americans), they (celebrities), can give every household at least 25 to help either personal issues or boost economy. But I forgot, the more mportant factors r that they stay together. Ppl crack me up. Plz ppl focus on the mportance of the governing issues at hand than feeble shit. SouthEastShit. …..

  7. fonkimonk says:

    My fault ppl, that’s 25 thousand.

  8. Alicia S Matthews says:

    we r in a time were you can take a break from marriage…nothing else to say agree that…I pray they pull threw!!

  9. I hate to see this from our black power couple. I hope they try to work it out. Me growing up with out my dad, made me SAD when I was younger. I have not seen my dad since I was 9. My mother developed the best support system and it has help me. My mother introduced me to cooking, now I have my own business ‘CookingWithLaRashia’. Please think about the children!!

  10. Tanisha says:

    I been through alot i no how it is all i want to say is keep yo head up and try to work it out for the children. And Stay Blessed!!! Cause Love Will Conquer All!!! Believe It And Have Faith In God!!!

  11. Marty says:

    Love conquers all. Nothing and no one can put under what God has joined. Find what brought you together and if it is of God it will keep you together. I will pray… I have been married 38 years and I tell you … it really does “just get better with time”

  12. Crystal says:

    Well how the hell was it CONFIRMED? I’m confused.

  13. Ms. Faye says:

    I just have one question? Why don’t people capitalize the word God. There is nothing little about HIM!!!

  14. Ms. Faye says:


  15. benhillbeenreal says:

    To the one’s posting this BS…..catch a fire and burn slow…. Da boi TIP and the firstlady are good. Understand that eyes looking in don’t know what’s going on.

  16. sherry says:

    Hope not, but life is what it is.

  17. lena says:

    I love t.i & tiny. They remind me of my bended family. I hope everything works out and they able to stay together and happy. Put god first!!!

  18. lena says:

    I love t.i & tiny. They remind me of my blended family. I hope everything works out and they’re able to stay together and happy. Put god first!!!

  19. I hope that T.I. and Tiny can work out their differences, because to me, they share a beautiful relationship with each other and their children. I will keep the whole family in my prayers. Stay strong, and ask God for guidance.

  20. GrownBlackWoman says:

    I sincerely wish these two the best life has in store no matter their personal life situation(s)…far be it from me to speak negativity on someones marriage…wishing you both peace rather rumor or truth…black love 4eva ova errthang and in that order!

  21. ticey says:

    I kinda figured something was up because on their reality show most of all the scenes recently have them shooting separately

  22. DJ ANT BOMB says:


  23. sassy says:

    She looks incontrol to me.

  24. R.I.P DOE B says:

    U do yo thng TIP, mst muphafkas dnt know how it is. I got yo bck u got my support my n#!#a hustle gang fo life. R.I.P DOE B

    “Lord whn I die gve me bulletproof wings” Doe b

  25. R.I.P DOE B says:

    All deez comments talmbout tha relationship and shit I mean I don’t doubt dat he cares bout his family but Eva since his nigga gone I bet he believe dat there’s a mission to be completed an dat mission is to keep his nigga name alive. U all don’t even know da half he takin care of dat nigga family too I bet. sumthng u pple would nver understand.

  26. R.I.P DOE B says:

    Wat Eva u do my nigga im wit u, dey isn’t no wrong path way Eva path u take is right. errthng happen fo a reason right ,dats how u made it dis far in life my nigga. I salute u & doe b R.I.p again my nigga u a legend

  27. Gina says:

    I wish T.I. would write English in a way that isn’t all this lingo/cool crap. It sounds dumb.

  28. Christina says:

    T.i was at my job in Atlanta with another woman on valentines day! Iono

  29. Tanisha says:

    Although i have the biggest crush on T. I. I do not believe they split. Also fyi they are the shi# so haters fall back, media stand down, and Harris Fam stay Up.

  30. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Well I just want to say tiny save your marriage cause that’s all these home reckers want to destroy your home even if its true about the other woman did you see it did you put your hands on them if not believe it when you see it for yourself not from what you hear some people even your bff or your own family don’t want to see you happyso if she is pregnant do the same have that child on the family husle give them something to talk about maybe that’s what they need !!!

  31. Ben says:

    Tiny and Ti will weather this storm and come out Larger than ever.They are good together and the world knows it.Work it out T n T,THE world Love you too much.stay connected from one of your many Fan’s…..BEN.

  32. Wcfunkenstein says:

    TI nd I y, Brother and Sister, Be Blessed in ur affairs. I pray that God will help your find the strength and wisdom to over come any and all challenges, and lead you back to the union of One! Peace.

  33. ICANLADY says:

    Marriage is work, pain, struggle, and reward. Focus on the small successes and tackle the problems one at a time. Choose to love and forgive. Get help. Look past right now and see the future you imagined when you first said “I DO”. Commitment will carry you until love is restored. Things happen, but people can change.

  34. Roaddogg 27 STL says:

    Let’s just let them and GOD work through this and give them their PRIVACY. All will work out. It’s not up to everyone to take sides, and voice opinions!!!!!!! This is how Sh””’T Get’s started. Peace Out -1

  35. J Campbell says:

    I hope not .I love the Harris family. They are great together.

  36. Jisèl Veronica says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but when your truly in love and you know deep down that you want to spend the rest of your life together you don’t separate or take breaks so this is BULL

  37. Loretta says:

    Its easy to get married the hard part is staying married I hope they remember the vows they made before God till death do we part not every day is going to be good work it out.

  38. Moneka says:

    I love the Harris family. I’m prayen that they can work everything out. Family is important. It’s not easy raising kids when the parents divorce it does leave a scare. If you put God in the equation you get his results. God didn’t mean for families to divorce. God bless their family.

  39. sorry to hear that, but you know the old saying, sometimes you have to let something go and if or when I comes back its yours to keep. I feel as they will get thru this, with gods help they will be fine. but if not that’s life sometimes people jus grow apart or jus don’t work out for whatever reasons. but im praying for u guys.

  40. I Love your show its very inspiring, so you guys cant split you belong together period! Aint nobody gonna break ya’all up so give yourselves space n get back together even stronger .Lots of prayers from KENYA.

  41. E. Fenner says:

    I certainly hope not.I Love them together. I Love the way the interact with there children, and how they raise and discipline. I sure hope they can get passed these obstacles.The devil is truly busy.Please try and salvage this marriage.A marriage is hard work, but in the end it’s worth those struggles. Love You Both!.

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