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Congregation Still Supports Bishop Eddie Long

New Birth church members reacted to the news that Bishop Eddie Long’s 5th accuser had been found with enduring support. Fox News 5 Atlanta recently stopped by the church after Wednesday Bible Study to interview parishioners regarding their opinions about the continuing scandal. Those that did stop and talk with the reporters expressed that they didn’t care what the media said about the Bishop, they weren’t going anywhere. One guy said, “That doesn’t matter to me. I know who he is and it’s just talk. He’s a good spiritual dad. So that’s all I can say.” One woman, when asked about the 5th accuser said, “I think that’s just a scam to bring him down. He’s bringing the word out so strong right now. They just trying to bring him down.”

Fox News also found an old facebook post by the 5th accuser, Centino Kemp, that stated, “I may be bad but I got paid perfectly good for it.”

How long will these parishioners keep the faith in their bishop? And what happens if another accuser comes out? Would you still go to the church?

Parishioners Support Bishop Eddie Long Despite Fifth Acccuser:

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