Creflo Dollar Defends Bishop Eddie Long & Urges Church Members To Return To New Birth {Video}

Atlanta Pastor Creflo Dollar is making headlines after defending his “brother in the lord” Bishop Eddie Long. As previously reportedLong settled out of court for an undisclosed amount with four young men who accused him of sexual coercion. Now Dollar, the Pastor of World Changers Church International, was taped during a recent sermon defending The Bishop who he says merely had a “wreck”, referring to the coercion lawsuits.

This past Sunday Creflo spoke to his congregation:

“He had a wreck but here’s the good news…he had insurance! [Jesus]
You clap your hands now but let me have a wreck. I wanna see how many of yall NEGROS still gon’ be here…How many of yall precious saints of God…”

He also shed light on all the members that left New Birth to attend his church and told them to return to their church home:

“Now, there are certain things that I’ve grown from and should never do but if I have a wreck? I’m still gon’ go to heaven. Now YOU might mess some stuff up based on how you treat me. The preacher in the city here, he still gon’ go to Heaven. He’s cleansed; he’s alright. And if you from that church that you know I’m talking about and you trying to join here, I don’t want you to join here. You need to go and join where you ‘spose to be.”

Check out the video Of Creflo defending his brother in “Christ”:

Also Check Out Sherri Shepherd Going HAM on Bishop Eddie Long!!!!

12 responses to “Creflo Dollar Defends Bishop Eddie Long & Urges Church Members To Return To New Birth {Video}”

  1. Jada Perez says:

    I can dig what he’s sayen about the man still going to heaven and all that but … I believe that if the choices this man as their Shepard made cause them to stumble or if it hinders the members ability to grow spiritually in any way if they find that they simply can not get over it they do need to move on and find another church. Think about it who do you thinks money was used to pay these men off ….the members! And all of us are a work in progress if this stops someone’s progress than what are they suppose to do stay there just because its suppose to be right? …… I disagree

  2. shanta says:

    dont make any sense, People make mistakes but that was not a mistake, the man did what he wanted to do. He’s a grown azz man, he knew better. Then he a Bishop and study the bible, (Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13), If u gay u gay, thats you, but if you are a Christian man and lead the people and talk to other people about living right, then you live right. Everyone is not perfect, but you are not a child u know whats right and whats wrong and that was not a mistake. If he would have never got caught, then he still would have been doing the same thing. Creflo, Eddie etc… I feel is all about money, and greed, its only a few real preachers out here. Preachers do sin, we not all perfect, but if u going to lead, and you know millions of people look up to you, then do right and what u preach also goes for you to follow. How you expect people to follow u, and you telling them one thing, and you doing what u said not to do. #SMH Eddie should be in jail right now, these were young under age boys, if it was my son that it happen to, his tail will be in jail, aint no money in the world that I will take. If it was anyone else they would have been locked up.

  3. Lady T says:

    Do not agree with this…..yes everybody makes mistakes but when you say “God called you to preach or annoited you to preach” then you are hold at a higher standard. I don’t believe God annoited that mess. And about people leaving the church…that is because that will mess up that cash flow. Com’on people wake up…If it is about a person spiritual growth & they are not getting it at your church then why get mad when the leave.

  4. Alfton says:

    Well I just lost respect for both of them.

  5. MissPat says:

    I don’t know what Rev. Dollar is speaking of. The people of that church should be vigilant and make sure that the person they are following is following God, through Scripture. If he’s not then its their duty as intelligent beings to go where a Minister is a follower of God. I guess Creflo Dollars is not one of those followers either. Is it all about the Dollar?

  6. joy says:

    Lawd! Lawd!, now I don’t claim to be perfect or even cast stones at any man, but this is a travesty! He’s telling Eddie Lo_ng’s members who fled to his church, “I don’t want you over here!”. Now where is the Christ like in that? This is sad ya’ll! He’s comparing it to a wreck, heck that’s a tsumani!

    How can you even begin to heal and forgive if Long continues to deny the allegations? Aren’t we suppose to confess our sins one to another?

    If you found out the principle of your child’s school was an alleged child molester, would you not pull your child out of that school? Why is he telling Long’s flock to stay…I don’t get it???? Is this a case of “Birds of a feather flock together?” Hmmmm…

    I can not believe a man of God is turning away wounded souls. He’s telling you not to judge and yet he’s in the pulpit judging you.
    He should accept each and everyone with an open heart. Now that’s what God would do!

  7. Gary Walker says:

    After Creflo Dollar said that, I wouldn’t follow him, across the street! If the head is sick, so is the body! Yes GOD, will forgive both of them, and I’m glad about that. Him telling members, he don’t want them at his church is the dumbest thing I have ever her a supposed man of God say. Question to Creflo, if it were your son, that he MOLESTED, would you feel the same? I didn’t think so, you hypocrite!

  8. Kim Johnson says:

    Honestly, this article seems awfully shady to me. I don’t like the bright orange captions blaring at me and trying to dictate how I should think. Secondly, other than mentioning “the preacher in the city here,” how do we know he’s talking about Eddie Long? The captions tell us that, but that is NOT credible. Also, exactly WHEN was this sermon preached? A time stamp on the top left-hand corner is not sufficient when talking about a subject this volatile. I’ve gone with my close friend to Creflo Dollar’s church. I’m not a member, but his sermons have always been positive, to the point, and truly based on the Bible. Oh and one other thing. Your telling us Creflo Dollar and Eddit Long are friends, but you don’t show a picture of them TOGETHER. You’ve got some cropped up, pasted together picture for your story. Do better reporting, and then maybe I’ll buy it.

  9. Drey says:


  10. D says:

    So sad .. They are not God they are just like us,so stop treating them like they are God !
    Yes. God forgives but it dose not make it right !

  11. GP2 says:

    This world has changed tremendously, I thought you where innocent til proven guilty, but the media manipulates people thinking we cant seem to think for ourselves. in the world today to make easy money you can just accused someone who is wealthy and take them to civil court they will pay you off because they do not want to have their name all over the news. IT MUST ME TRUE IF ITS ON THE NEW…RIGHT?

    Freddyo dont know who you are but this was my first time on your site and will be my last!!

  12. Stacy says:

    I am so sick of people especially so called man of god talking bull about they going to heaven do any body of proof there is a heaven or hell. U sir and loss people are taking people money for rent to get rich Creflo Dollar have a bad reputation in Georgia u cant join his church unless u show your paycheck i was told and u have to give a certain amount of money. It is so sad that people feel like another his going to bless them or save them while they lose their home and they prosper . people wake up

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