Cynthia Bailey, Peter Thomas, Derek J, D. Woods, and Others Spotted at Bar One for Uptown Magazine’s Colgate Optic White Beauty Bar



Bar One was LIVE last night It was on and popping at Bar One last night for Uptown Magazine’s Colgate Optic White Beauty Bar event.

Our home girl Cynthia Bailey was all smile for Uptown Magazine’s Colgate Optic White Beauty Bar event at Bar One.


Bar One was filled with so many of our favorite stars including Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust and Benzino, Married to Medicine’s Keri Wells and Toya Harris-Bush, and singers Dondria and D. Woods. Nothing like a room full of stars showing off their COLGATE SMILES!

It was definitely a night of full of glamour, style, and ATLANTA.

Man, we LOVE ATLANTA! There’s always something HOT and EXCLUSIVE. Always an opportunity to hang out with our favorite celebrities and live the champagne life or in this case the COLGATE LIFE!

Check us out as we all got our COLGATE SMILES ON!

Check out our EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS below:

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It was definitely a great time last night.

Let us know which celebrity look you enjoyed the most by leaving your comments below.

Shout out to Bar One for a great time!


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