Cynthia Bailey visits the Wendy Williams Show- When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong!


I’m sitting here with my *blank stare at the TV Monitor and mouth WIDE OPEN
. I guess all I can say is “Whoa”. Wendy did keep it real. Which leads to my next question….When does keeping it too real go wrong?  So, Cynthia Bailey sat on the sofa and she did very much have that “deer in the headlight” look on her face when Wendy Williams made the statement “No, Cynthia I have a problem with you.”


In response to Cynthia’s statement to Wendy regarding Wendy having a problem with Cynthia and NeNe’s friendship. She told Cynthia she comes off as spineless and she never takes up for herself. Wendy admitted that she was displeased with Peter as well.

Seems that Wendy Williams is not impressed with Peter and his outspokenness and advised Cynthia that they would be keeping a watch on her and Peter’s relationship (sorta the way other bloggers are  keeping a watch on Beyonce’s Baby bump)- in my opinion. Again, Cynthia did not let Wendy “have it” as Ms Trina Braxton did instantly when Wendy made mention of Trina having a well- known drinking problem. Well Cynthia?????? *crickets..


How many people think that Peter will be on the show next? Especially when Wendy was revealing to the audience that “Peter has 4 baby-mommas and 5 kids.” Wow!  Now I have to play Devils advocate because Cynthia is a close friend of the site  Cynthia is a very non-confrontational person. She is a sweetheart and a joy to be around.


While this may come off to some folk “Such as a Wendy Williams person”, we know our Cynthia Bailey as one to fight back in her own peaceful kind of way (like not bringing a gift to Kim’s wedding) and to clear things up in Cynthia’s defense she was arriving from a flight straight from a gig in NYC.  Congrats on making it one year Cynthia and just know whenever you and Peter have a disagreement I’m sure America will be kept in the loop via Wendy show and then 😉


  1. What really gets me is that Wendy likes to talk about people so bad and put then down. but this is the same women that was a drug addict sex fiend boyfriend stealer. if u read her book she make charlie sheen look like an angel please cynthia did the right thing by ignoring her. She wont comment when her husband that she brought cheat on her or gets sue for sexual harassment. the kettle calling the kettle black.

  2. My only problem with Cynthia is she continues to allow outsiders including her sister to have too much weight in her life, and she shines about her relationship with people who r against her relationship. You married the classless joker, now you have to stand for it. Period. Or follow them. Who the hell is WW to talk, or Malorie or NeNe? She loves him, she is gonna put her all in it. Believe this all those people have is a vested interest in talking ABOUT her not WITH her.

  3. Cynthia fighting back “in her own peaceful way” is called passive-aggressive by licensed psychologists. Just saying.


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