D’Angelo Pleads Guilty To Prostitution Charges


D’Angelo pleaded guilty on to a lesser disorderly conduct charge after being arrested a year ago for offering $40 for sex to an undercover cop posing as a prostitute. The incident took place last March 2010 in Greenwich Village, NYC, where the ‘90’s R&B hitmaker was busted for a misdemeanor rap of patronizing a prostitute.

“[It’s] a violation, not a crime,” his lawyer, Stacey Richman, said of the lesser charge. D’Angelo, who left the courtroom with commenting, initially faced up to a year in prison for the misdemeanor charge. He will not receive jail time under the lesser count.

The plea deal ends a long series of run-ins with the law for D’Angelo, born Michael Archer. He logged a number of drunk-driving and drug arrests and guilty pleas, was flung from his Hummer and hospitalized for several days after crashing the SUV into a fence, and was pepper-sprayed by police who said he resisted arrest at his home after a traffic confrontation with a woman who said he spit on her. He pleaded no contest to obstructing justice and settled with the woman in that 2002 incident, according to the Associated Press.

D’Angelo, who has been working on a new LP for a while, hasn’t released an album in a decade but has made contributions to other artists’ projects. Here’s his classic hit … “How Does It Feel”



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