Dallas Austin Foundation for Music Education



Founded in 2003 by Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Dallas Austin, the “Dallas Austin Foundation for Music Education” focuses on youth development through the art of music with our instructor-led after-school program. Since its inception, the foundation has impacted the lives of more than 2,000 students across the Atlanta metropolitan area.

A lot of people tend to look over the really important things like investing back into our youth. When I received the phone call to cover this event from Mary Katherine, I knew I had to come out and show my humble support.


Dallas Austin foundation gears towards urban children that have a passion for music and the development of the entire industry as a whole. The foundation has reached over 10 schools all over Georgia. Those schools being equip with state of the art studio equipment. This will allow them endless amount of access to the art of creativity. Thus, inspiring our children to dream BIG!

Dallas Austin

The event was held at the Commerce Club which is a Club that embodies all the Fortune 500 companies,like Usher, President of Coca Cola, President of Georgia Power just to name a few. Mrs. Huff Announced that they will be soon excepting new membership and broadening their horizons to every market of business in the world seeking to expand and grow.

Let’s all take head and continue to pass the torch on, I’ve been inspired to start my own foundation when I get myself in a position to pull the kids up and lead them.


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