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Daughter Of Deion Sanders, Deiondra Sanders Fallen Victim Nude Photos Released

Sad news the daughter of NFL Hall of Famer, Deion Sanders, Deiondra Sanders falls victim to a vengeful ex-boyfriend. After their break-up, he leaked some nude photos of the 19-year-old on the Internet, but supposedly the photos were taken three years ago.  According to her father’s Twitter posts, her computer was stolen.

“Please pray for my family especially my daughter. Computer was stolen and she had VERY ignorant pics on there from 3 yrz ago that were released. She is saddened but it is what it is! To desire to be in the spotlight understand you get exposure that sometimes you don’t want. Pray for her please.”

She seems to be getting through the madness decently. She addressed the photos saying:

“We all do stuff when we are young and dumb. My life is turned around now. I am now a strong follower of Jesus Christ.”

Deiondra Sanders is currently working on a new reality show with several other celebrity kids.

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