Daughter of Mary J. Blige’s Husband Tweets She’s Homeless


Kendu and Mary J. BligeThe daughter of Kendu Isaacs, husband of Mary J. Blige, has recently took to Twitter to publicly state some issues with her daddy. Briana Latrise, his oldest daughter, says she is pregnant, homeless, and gets no help from her parents. Now that’s heavy…

Check out her tweets below:


Briana, who’s pregnant with a boy, says she’s a struggling artist and times are hard as she’s still in school.¬†This isn’t the first time she let the shade up on Kendu. A few years back she put him on blast calling him everything from a deadbeat dad and wished him a Happy Donor’s Day. Ouch.

Times are hard for Kendu and Mary too. Mary was just hit with a huge tax lien and the charity they have has been accused of financial mismanagement. kendu-isaac-daughter-freddyo-missjaye5

kendu-isaac-daughter-freddyo-missjaye6So Briana may just need to get it together and do what she can to support herself and the new baby the best she can.

We just have one question….where is the baby’s daddy during all this mess tho?

No word yet from Kendu or Mary in response to Briana’s Twitter rant. But we have some advice for Briana…get your life, girl!


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