Daughter Of Music Producer Teddy Riley Granted Restraining Order



Our homie Necolebitchie.com posted a story about  music producer Teddy Riley and the big fight he had with his daughter. The 18-year-old daughter of R&B producer and artist Teddy Riley has received a temporary restraining order against her father. Dang Teddy…tried to break his foot off in his daughter’s ‘rumpshaker’.

Taja Riley alleges that on December 23rd her  father abused her and her older sister by “stomping, punching and bashing them” inside of his Los Angeles home. According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Teddy Riley at one point, quote, “lifted a ‘Rock Band’ guitar and threatened to kill person(s) (with) it.” Dang, negroes getting beat with Christmas toys… Taja Riley says the incident has left her with several injuries. And all of the drama took place on twitter

Teddy Riley rose to fame as a member of the R&B groups Guy and Blackstreet. He has also had a successful career as a music producer, working on tracks like Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative” and Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time”, and several other major hits in the 1990’s. Here is one of his throw back hits…


  1. Violence against women is detestable and despicable.Furthermore it is incomprehensible how one can injure there on child.Prayerfully she files charges and justice is served “Daddy” or not.


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