Dawn From Dirty Money Finally Speaks Up About Twitter Proposal


Dawn Richards of Dirty Money (former singer of Danity Kane) was proposed to by her on and off again boyfriend Q (Quanell-former singer with Day 26) on July 4 via twitter, and indicated she did not know he was going to do that. The real question is, what did Diddy’s newest band mate say?

“He talked about it to me but I didn’t know he was gonna do that. I feel that’s between him and I but I’m happy that he’s happy with me and that’s all I’ll say about that,” Richard tells Vibe. “You guys will know soon enough. Right now, I think Qwanell is such a loving person that he just wants to tell the world all the time what goes on between me and him and that was a surprise to me and I love him for that. But I’m more of a private person. You guys will find out when it’s time. I do love him and I do think he’s my soulmate.”

HA! I thought we were going to get a real answer. Right now, Dawns biggest focus is Dirty Money and Last Train to Paris, set to be released this fall. But, the two have been given the go ahead from MTV to begin filming a new reality show that follows the couple, so you all be on the look out for that. I can already see Q crying about Dawn being too busy with Diddy and Dirty Money…


  1. I think Dawn is attractive. Body is off the chains! I dig Dirty Money..and Dawn and Q aren’t fooling anyone because they are NOT dating! Q is clearly homosexual.


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