Dawn Richard Featured In Pynk Magazine


Dawn Richard former member of Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money recently spoke with PYNK Magazine about her celebrity crush, relationship with former group member Kalenna and her new music. Check out some pictures from the shoot and part of the tell all article below!

Kalenna and I  really don’t speak right now because both of our projects are going at the same time, we just haven’t gotten the chance sense we were in Dirty Money.”

“I would hope that my music reaches the masses without losing anyone in the process. I think musically when people listen to RnB and the dance movements are a little bit more moving than when people listen to RnB.  I hope that the word innovative would be used a lot. The same with dirty money and Danity Kane. I hope that after people have scene the same thing their eyes will be open to something different. I am a story teller, and I would love to be telling who I am while pushing the envelope.”

Dawn on Reality TV: “I think African American women portray ourselves the way we want to be seen on Reality TV. I don’t ever want to comment on the way other women want to portray themselves  we have a responsibility for the way we want to be portrayed. I was one of the them.”

Dawn on her celebrity crush: “James Dean  if he were still existent he would be my man crush. He provides a sense of inspiration in fashion, and really defined the ultimate cool, to be the choices I make in my old world.”

“EP is the craziest move I have every made without any labels because the reputation of bad boys was so bad, just proves how much faith and trust I have on the labels if you get the release you won’t be able to do and the opportunity to do both is just God. We had just us and that’s very aware, we different have a billboard top single. To do a number one on the billboards we didn’t have the puff and the other people that we had before, all I needed was a cracked window and I needed to crack that bitch through,  there have been over 3000 views in the last month.”

“I never give advice I do fee like its okay to get your hands dirty and people are not wanting to get dirty because doing the right things takes longer to get to your destination. Because no one else is driving never stop get back in the car and get to that destination, you never want to stop driving, so many of us get out of the car and stop driving forward, its the hardest thing when no one else is in the same lane.”


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