Day 26 Covers BE Magazine


R&B group Day 26 is covering the newest issue of BE magazine (minus Que).

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the quartet but they’re back on the scene.

The guys are gearing up for their new album titled A New Day.

In the magazine they discuss new music, their new label (thank goodness!), and a new takeover.

Look inside for exclusive behind the scenes footage of their photoshoot!

Looks like the guys are still having fun! Are you excited about their takeover?

Spotted @BEMagazine


  1. Day 26? Danity Kane? The Band? G Dep? Craig Mack? Total? — is anyone seeing a trend here? I love Diddy, but the longevity of the groups/people that he puts on, goes from hot right down into a pretty swan dive to cold. I’d rather trust Russell Simmons or Quincy Jones with my career. Anybody that gets with Diddy will be wasted talented. Only person still gettin’ put on is Notorious B.I.G., but I’m sure his income is going to his mother and his kids.

  2. I’ve always like Day 26. They have to make sure everyone knows they are still out there. The magazine cover is good but they need more exposure. I hope they promote themselves well. ☺

  3. I liked them and Danity Kane, its a shame what happened and their first deal was with Ditty but I think both groups have real talent and with the right management and exposure thy can make a serious comeback. Good luck you guys.. By the way where is Q, I guess conflict of interest because he is still dateing Dawn?


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