Deion Sanders Allegedly Used Steroids



The dirty, dirty child custody battle continues between Deion and Pilar Sanders. The he said, she said and messy accusations continue to brew between the two. Last week Pilar took to the stand and accused Deion of actually using steroids. Details inside.


Pilar took to the stand and claimed that Deion uses steroids and she does not want her children to be around that type of behavior. It is reported that Deion walked out of the court room. The jury was told to leave and the judge got the court back to order.

Of course Deion went to twitter to air out how he felt:


This morning he was full of positive energy:deionsanders2


They are back in court today…


  1. I was waiting for that information to become public, all atheletes does steroid at some point of time in their career many are often lucky to not have gotten caught doing the process… But the wifies always know the truth and with divorce get bitter truth always come out..


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