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Derek J Dressed in Drag for the First Time at “The Jungle” : Special Guest Cynthia Bailey & Nicki Gilbert

TV personality Derek J took to the stage in ATL at “The Jungle” for the “Stars of The Century show”, he along with 12 other performers dressed in drag. I know what you are thinking… But he said “People not gone believe me, but really its my first time being fully dressed in full drag. Part of the proceeds from the show will help to raise funds for HIV research. Derek J is currently working on 2 TV shows and said don’t get use to it, in the words of “Dream Girls” it was for 1 night only.
Derek said he was very nervous about his performance, so he asked his Housewife friend Cynthia Bailey, Singer/new reality TV star Nicki Gilbert and R&B singer Monifah also came out and support him… Both Cynthia and Nicki are currently filming their reality shows. I will tell yall more details about Nicki’s new show coming up…

Derek J performed a Jill Scott song and made  487 dollars in tips ..

He said he gave his all on stage..

The event was hosted by Miss Sophia who keep the crowd laughing.

Check out all the photos below…
 P.S. if you ever see this truck yall better stop and eat … They got the best drunk foke food in the world… I love their Lemond pepper wings …

These are two of the performers who are also Monica and Brandy look a likes… can you guess who’s Mo and who’s B… please let someone up load the video to youtube so I can post it … LOL

The A lady wanted to see if it was real, and she soon found out it was!!!

Yo if you think these photos are wild, check out the other one’s below…

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